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About Us

ASC is a major distributor of industrial staplers and nailers along with their fasteners. We stock all major brands including Stanley Bostitch, Josef Kihlberg, Rapid, Arrow, Fasco, BeA, and more. Our decades of experience and size let us give unparalleled service to our customers.

ASC Building

-- 40 years in the business

  • Our staff is experienced in the varied applications for staplers, stitchers, nailers and more in the industrial, commercial, construction and office environment

-- Experts in cost reduction and hard to solve packaging problems

  • We have helped customers to be able to do underwater stapling and upside-down stapling
  • We have the expertise to design and build fastening systems to fit your needs
  • We can customize tools for your needs

-- A major distributor of industrial staplers and fasteners

  • We stock over 55 major tool brands & hundreds of models from stapler manufacturers around the world
  • We stock 100’s of brands of industrial staples, nails, stitching wire, hog rings and more
  • We can provide fasteners for all major brands of staplers and nailers, including specialty fasteners such as: stainless steel, plastic and aluminum

-- In-house parts & repair department

  • We supply parts for all the major brands of tools and more
  • Our large parts inventory lets us repair tools as soon as is possible
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