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Rapid 5050/5080 Electric Desktop Stapler

Your desk is full of important stuff so don't let it get cluttered with unorganized piles of messy papers. Watch our video below and see how the Rapid 5050 and 5080 electric desktop staplers can make your job easier.



Why choose the Rapid 5050 & 5080?

Did you not watch our video? What isn't there to love? Here is a recap:

Simple, Easy To Use

Holds Up To 5,000 Staples

Staple 80 Sheets At Once

Adjustable For Depth and Thickness

The Rapid 5050 & 5080 give trouble free stapling. The cassette contains 5,000 staples, so the staples hardly ever run out! Also, with the wearing parts located in the cassette these staplers are extremely durable and long lasting since every time the cassette gets replaced you automatically replace the driver blade and staples former blade. This unique patented feature enables you to staple 50-80 sheets of paper at a time with up to 500,000 uses.

If you have made the wise decision to purchase one of these for your own you can click here to purchase the Rapid 5050 or you can click here to purchase the Rapid 5080. Or if you still aren't sure if these desktop staplers are for you then feel free to contact our more than helpful customer service team by clicking here. You can also LiveChat with a member of our sales team using the chat icon below.


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